Welcome to Lancaster Fishing & Leisure

We specialize in coarse and match fishing, with plenty of choice for the everyday pleasure angler. We aim to provide a great selection of tackle from hooks to rods and bits boxes to trollies to fit a wide range of budgets. We hope this website provides you with a good idea of what we can offer and a smooth experience.

We are a bricks and mortar only, retail business serving our local fishing communities. find us here

We will be closed this Wednesday (23/10)

Fresh and Frozen baits

We stock fresh and frozen baits for many types of fishing:

Maggots, pinkies(feeders), casters and Dendrobaena(garden) worms available all year round.

Frozen Black Lug worm and frozen mackerel available most of the year, other frozen sea baits available through the year.

Frozen deadbaits for predator fishing available from October to March.